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Breed: Black Labrador Retriever 
DOB: April 27 2008
Began Duty: Fall 2008

Last Watch: March 30, 2023
Handler: Scott Quirsfeld 
Favorite Activities: Camping, hiking and roof ball.
Fun Fact: When Chief was a puppy, he would break open the enclosure and lead the rest of the pups to the food bin where he proceeded to pry it open and chow down.

On March 30th, 2023, Chief passed away in the loving presence of his handler, Scott, and his wife, Michelle. Chief was the second ever-avalanche search and rescue dog of Eastside K-9. Chief lived an incredible 14 years, paving the way for future dogs in our program and setting the highest standards for us all to excel to. 


Breed: Yellow English Labrador

DOB: 2011 - 09/2022
Began Duty: Spring 11/12

End of Duty: Spring 2022
Handler: Matthew Seibert
Favorite Activities: Atlas and his human both enjoy long hikes and a nice steak.
Fun Fact: Atlas likes to dive off  lake docks into the water. Atlas and his human are a certified avalanche rescue team by the National Search Dog Alliance (NSA), as well as members of the Placer County Avalanche Dog Teams.


In September of 2022, Atlas passed away surrounded by his handler Matt and his loving family. The bond between Matt and Atlas was a testament to the strength and trust between handler and dog. Atlas exemplified what it means to be an excellent avalanche search and rescue dog. He is greatly missed by Eastside K9 and Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol.



Breed:  Golden Retriever

DOB:  2014

Began Duty:  Winter 14/15

Handler:  Nicole Deaver

Favorite Activity:  Playing catch in Mammoth's Shady Rest Park.

Fun Fact:  Duke has serious ups.  He can jump about 5 feet high.


Breed: Entlebucher Mountain Dog
DOB: Feb 4, 2016
Began Duty: Winter 15/16

End of Duty: Winter 22/23
Handler: Steve McGrath
Favorite Activity: Playing with empty water bottles.
Fun Fact: Trico's breed is the smallest of the Sennehund line. His breed was developed in Roman times as high alpine herding dogs from the Swiss Alps.

Trico and his handler Steve left Eastside K-9 in the winter of 2022/2023 to pursue other professional opportunities. We wish them both the best and are thankful for their time with our program.


Breed: Yellow English Labrador
DOB: 2014
Began Duty: Winter 17/18
Handler: Kyle Williams
Favorite Activity: Swimming and playing in the water (Just like her dog dad).
Fun Fact: Luna is the daughter of Atlas.


Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever

DOB: 2020
Began Duty: Spring 2020

Handler: Shawn Wilson
Favorite Activity: Swimming
Fun Fact: Ritter can't wait to start Pawtrolling!


Breed: Labrador Retriever

DOB: September 12, 2021
Began Duty: Fall 2021

Handler: Bo Montagne
Favorite Activity: Chasing my human sister Genevieve around and watching the big dogs train.
Fun Fact: My full name is Oski The Golden Bear #11 after Cal Berkeley's mascot as a tribute to my human's grandfather. I'm also from the same town in Oregon as my human.

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